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When we designed the Montana Knife Company™ Flathead Fillet Knife our goal was to create a knife that could do any possible task on the boat, next to the river or on the processing table. 

The Flathead Fillet is made out of AEB-L steel and has an additional safety coating of MKC Black Cerakote™ to protect the blade from rusting. (All steels rust over time so make sure to use MKC Blade Wax to protect your knives). The G-10 handle scales are equally as tough as the blade.  G-10 is notorious for being strong, durable, and stable.  No natural handle material can compare to its toughness.


Each Montana Knife Company™ Flathead Fillet comes with a Kydex sheath with a quick attach belt loop.  This belt loop can be put on your belt without removing or unclasping the belt.  The knife can also be carried horizontally or vertically by simply removing two screws, adjusting the clip, and reapplying the screws.


The Montana Knife Company™ Flathead Fillet has the perfect balance of flex and rigidity.  The blade is designed to be flexible enough to work on your fresh catch on the side of the lake but rigid enough to help you process your elk or deer in your garage.



The Montana Knife Company™ Flathead Fillet got its name from the Flathead River, Lake, and Valley in the far northwest corner of Montana. The Flathead lake is known for being one of the largest and deepest lakes west of the Mississippi River, with some of the largest known lake trout. 

  • Blade Steel: AEB-L

  • Full Tang Construction

  • Handle Material: G-10

  • Sheath: Black Kydex Modular Belt Loop

  • Finish: Black Cerakote

  • Overall Length: 12.5”

  • Blade Length: 7”

  • Knife Weight: Ultra-Light 4.6 oz

  • 100% Made in the USA

  • Hand Finished in Montana

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Brenna Rideout
Another amazing knife by MKC

We are once again beyond impressed with the make and quality of our most recent MKC purchase. MKC continues to outdo themselves time and time again. Well done MKC!

Alexander Morriss
Another amazing knife!

This is my 4th MKC blade, having tested out a Blackfoot 2.0 on a spike elk, lightly using a Speedgoat for a while, and more recently purchasing a Stonewall Blackfoot Skinner which I hope to test out this fall on deer and elk. I had been wanting a fillet type knife for a while for use as my "bird and trout" knife and deboning applications, so based on my experience with my other MKC blades jumped on the opportunity for this Flathead fillet. This blade came razor sharp, great blade profile, and I think the best fitting sheath out of my set of MKC knives. So far I've only broken down a whole chicken with it which worked wonderfully. It was still hair popping sharp immediately after the chicken, and I managed to inadvertantly slice my finger a little rubbing some wax on the blade for storage. Going to be doing some trout fishing this week and have it packed and ready to go! This and my Stonewall are in the orange and black which is a fantastic color.

Todd M Richard
Excellent All Around

I don’t fish much, but I do cook a lot. I plan to use this knife heavily in the kitchen, and around the smoker and the grill. So far, I have used it for one hog roast and I absolutely love it. The blade is sturdy, but slightly flexible, and the handle provides an excellent grip, even when wet or bloody. Thanks for another great product!

Daniel Wilson
When making perfection criticism is required

Let’s start with my format, I want to lay out the one improvement that can be made.
The flathead fillet knife is a bit to rigid to be the classic feel and function as traditional fillet knifes. I understand the problem that comes from the softer, more flexible steel to achieve that amount of flex. I also know that it was an R&D model so I want to give my honest feedback to provide positive improvements.
The handle and blade weight balance is exactly where I like it. I like the feel that I’m in control of every movement that the tip makes. Many fillet knifes put too much weight in the handle and the blade feels like it is not there. Not this one! I can feel the tip as I make every movement.
So long as my cutting surface is elevated I can fillet the thinnest skinned fish. The deep bend is perfect for following the bottom of the ribs and the tip is a perfect point to easily pierce through the top of the fish and finish the fillet.
The flathead fillet knife is great, not perfect, and if they shorted it I’d say it was the perfect boning knife. It’s just rigid enough to be perfect for that.
I can’t wait to see what improvements are made to the knife and I’m even more excited to see if they turn out a kitchen knife set one day. Either way, I have 4 of their knifes and I will continue to buy these knifes and use them for their intended purpose, work!

Benito Chavez
Fillet knife

The nicest filled knife I have ever used !!