Montana Knife Company’s Blade Wax is a unique formula specifically designed for protecting and preserving your knife blades. Whether you’re out in the wilderness or working in the field, moisture can ruin your blade and cause oxidation or rust. This is why we came up with a formula that will prolong the life of your knife as long as possible — so it can last for generations.

Our Blade Wax is made using beeswax from American beekeepers, not imported waxes. We work closely with our beekeeper partners to ensure there’s no harm done to the bees while harvesting the waxes. Also, to ensure that our Blade Wax lasts longer than any other, we use top-tier organic carnauba wax and fractionated coconut oil refined in a way that won’t go rancid. 

Our formula includes plenty of natural vitamin E that makes the carrier oils last far longer than synthetic versions. And finally, we add a slight amount of lemon oil as an antimicrobial, antifungal agent with a great smell too!

Our goal when creating our Blade Wax was to make sure your knife will last as long as possible in any given environment while preserving its life for the longest time possible.

With MKC’s Blade Wax, you can be sure your knife is protected and preserved for generations to come.

1. Start with a clean knife that’s free from any debris, liquids, or other materials.
2. Apply a thin layer of blade wax with a clean cloth. The metal will be ready immediately after application.
3. Reapply after use to prolong the life of the blade.
Only 100% pure, natural, and food-grade ingredients:Coconut oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, vitamin e oil, lemon oilContains:
Tree nuts (100% Pure, fractionated coconut oil)


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 95 reviews
    Kenneth Williams
    Need time to pass from first application to provide an honest assessment.

    Please give me a few months to provide an assessment. I have applied the wax on my Speedgoat as well as several other knives made from carbon as well as stainless steel. On 10 July 2023, (my 69th birthday will remined me to contact you) will be enough time passed to provide an observation on your products effectiveness as advertised. Semper Fidelis, Ken

    Skip Scott
    Knife Wax

    Used it on the Speedgoat I purchased from you, works very well. Plan on using it on my other knives as well, including my Randalls and Ruanas. Need to keep it in a cool location so it doesn’t get too soft. So far very good product.

    Alan Seevers
    MKC Blade Wax

    Easy to apply. Grateful for a product that will prolong the life of this awesome knife!

    Francisco Guerra

    Is the number one in the whole USA

    matt owen
    Blade wax was great

    It just what I needed to care for my knife blades