Mareko Maumasi shares his five pillars of kitchen knife care.

Mareko’s 5 Pillars of Kitchen Knife Care

When it comes to general knife care, there are five basic pillars to keeping your knives in good working order so they perform well and last a long time.
Harvested game being field dressed with an MKC knife.

Why Should You Field Dress Harvested Game?

Discover why you should field dress harvested game with Brad Bever’s rundown of field dressing pros, cons, and exceptions.
A hunting cabin in the woods with text about planning an out-of-state hunting trip.

What I Wish I’d Known Before Planning an Out-of-State Hunting Trip

Explore untouched landscapes and hidden beauty on your next hunting trip. Learn to navigate logistics, regulations, and planning tips for a successful adventure.
A skier with backcountry skiing gear gazes at a snowy landscape with text about gear checklist overlay.

Packing for Backcountry Skiing: The Essential Gear Checklist

Essential backcountry skiing gear list and safety tips for adventure enthusiasts. Pack right, stay safe, and enjoy the slopes!
A guide on how to clean a knife shows a dirty blade with an orange handle on a wooden surface.

How to Clean Any Knife: The Definitive Guide

Learn how to clean a knife effectively with the Montana Knife Company’s guide to maintaining and restoring your blades.
A deer looks up while a hunter waits in a treestand, representing whitetail deer hunting tips.

The Ultimate Guide to Whitetail Deer Hunting: Tactics, Techniques, and Tools for Success

Learn top whitetail deer hunting tips from veteran hunter John Dudley, from finding the best hunting spot to seasonal hunting strategies.
Danny Bolton smiles at the camera while wearing camo and a black beanie in front of a vehicle.

Danny Bolton: When Bowhunting Got Too Close for Comfort

Hear a gripping encounter in Hawaii’s mountains, where strategy and primal instinct converge in a harrowing moment of survival and respect for nature.
MKC x Sig Sauer Collaboration

MKC x Sig Sauer Collaboration

Introducing a groundbreaking collaboration between two iconic brands: SIG SAUER and Montana Knife Company have joined forces to create the ultimate gun knife combo, fusing firepower with versatilit...
A pristine MKC knife lies across black hunting gear, representing a discussion on how to remove rust from knives.

How to Remove Rust From Knives (On Any Type of Steel)

Learn how to remove rust from knives, preserving their sharpness and appearance with techniques ranging from gentle abrasion to intensive restoration.
A large white fish lies filleted open with the best fish fillet knife from MKC resting on the ribs.

Choosing the Best Fish Fillet Knife: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Master the art of selecting the best fish fillet knife with our expert guide, tailored for every fish type from marlin to trout for a clean, precise cut.
Brayden Cooney wears an MKC hoodie and camo hat as he demonstrates compound bow tuning for beginners.

Compound Bow Tuning for Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide

Learn the secrets to precision compound bow tuning with our step-by-step guide, ensuring peak performance for beginners and seasoned archers alike.
A hand pulls a fixed blade along a strip of wood, demonstrating how to make feather sticks for fire starting.

How to Make Feather Sticks: A Hunter’s Essential Guide to Successful Fire Starting

Discover how to make feather sticks for fire starting in the wilderness. Turn a dangerous night into a comfortable one with a knife and this survival skill.