A white cutting board holds veggies, meat, a small wood cutting board, and three types of kitchen knives from MKC.

Types of Kitchen Knives and Their Uses, Explained

Explore the types of kitchen knives, their specific uses, and the “big three” knives every kitchen should have with Montana Knife Company.
John Dudley smiles and crouches in camo behind his kill as he shares how to field dress an elk.

How Field Dress an Elk, With John Dudley

Learn how to field dress an elk, from overall prep to skinning and quartering. Discover essential tips and tools needed for an efficient and safe process.

How to Choose the Best Knife for Whitetail Deer Hunting

Planning to go whitetail deer hunting? Discover expert recommendations and essential knife features you can’t overlook to make your hunt a success.
A hunter in camo carefully leans over a deer carcass in the snow, considering how to remove the gamey taste from venison.

How to Get the Gamey Taste Out of Deer: Tips From the Bearded Butchers

Explore expert tips and strategies for meat handling, processing, and cooking from the Bearded Butchers to remove the gamey taste from venison.
A man’s orange-gloved hand uses his best boning knife to butcher an animal carcass.

A Pro Butcher’s Guide to Choosing the Best Boning Knife

Elevate your meat processing skills and discover the secret to choosing the ultimate boning knife with insights from the renowned Bearded Butchers.
Brothers Seth and Scott Perkins, AKA the Bearded Butchers, smile while standing in front of hanging meats.

Meet the Bearded Butchers: Fathers, Entrepreneurs, and Influencers

Hear from Seth and Scott Perkins, AKA the Bearded Butchers, about family, work ethic, and what makes a great knife.
Adventurer Danny Bolton draws an arrow on his compound bow as he looks into the distance.

Meet Danny Bolton: Adventurer, Coffee Connoisseur, and Father

Meet Danny Bolton: hunter, father, and coffee aficionado. Dive into the multifaceted life of this off-roader, adventurer, and Montana Knife Company friend.
Olympic archer John Dudley smiles while wearing camo in a field and holding up the rack of a downed animal.

Mastering the Bow: Lessons in Precision and Determination From John Dudley

Discover the journey of Olympian John Dudley: how his upbringing influenced his love for hunting and his role as an ambassador for Montana Knife Company.
An MKC hatchet lies on a stone, representing a lesson on how to sharpen a hatchet or axe like a pro.

How to Sharpen Your Hatchet or Axe Like a Pro 

Learn how to sharpen your axe or hatchet with two common methods, and make sure you have a sharp edge for your next adventure!