A tin of MKC Blade Wax sits open next to an MKC Speedgoat knife, representing why blade wax is the best knife oil.
The Best Knife Oil for Your Fixed Blade (Isn’t an Oil)

Discover the secret to maintaining your fixed blade — hint, it’s not oil! Learn why MKC’s Blade Wax is the best “knife oil” to shield against moisture.
Six MKC knives lie in a row from shortest to longest on a dark table, representing differing knife length laws by state.
What Size Blade Can I Carry? Knife Length Laws by State

State knife laws are notoriously difficult to stay on top of, and can vary even by city. Learn what to look for when researching knife laws by state.
A vise holds a molten-red piece of steel ready for forging during a conversation about stamped vs. forged knives.
Forged vs. Stamped vs. MKC Knives: The Real Differences

Learn more about the differences between forged knives vs. stamped knives. vs. MKC knives to make an informed choice and get the best value for your money.