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The Ultimate Hunting Blade.

At Montana Knife Company, we’ve made a name for ourselves designing compact hunting knives meant for ultralight packing. With the Super Cub, we’ve broken our own mold and gone big. Measuring 9 7/8″, the Super Cub is our longest and strongest hunting blade, capable of taking on any job you encounter in the field — from field dressing, gutting, and deboning to fieldcraft tasks like chopping, prying, and batoning wood.

The Super Cub knife is designed to withstand the toughest environments. It takes its name from the Piper Super Cub airplane, known for transporting hunters and adventurers to the most remote backcountry locations. For any situation a Super Cub plane can put you in, the MKC Super Cub can get you out. 



MAGNACUT Stainless Steel 
As a cryogenically heat-treated stainless steel, MAGNACUT provides the perfect blend of toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. Unlike other stainless steel blades, MAGNACUT can be easily resharpened — even by novice knife owners. More wear-resistant than other stainless steels, and more corrosion-resistant than carbon steel, MAGNACUT is in a class of its own. Learn more about MAGNACUT Stainless Steel from the creator: Larrin Thomas.
Drop Point Perfection 
The Super Cub’s 5 1/2″ blade is the ideal drop point shape. The spine — which is about .02″ thicker than our other hunting blades for added strength — slopes down from the handle into the tip. The Super Cub also has more belly than other drop points, making the tip even more useful. There’s very little this knife can’t do.
Built-in Finger Guard 
Just above the G-10 Handle Scales, we’ve shaped a finger guard in the steel to keep your hand from sliding up onto the blade’s sharp edge. This gives an additional measure of protection when you’re performing more intense fieldcraft tasks.
Bulletproof G-10 Handle
The G-10 handle scales are equally as tough as the blade. G-10 is famous for being strong, durable, and stable — unmatched by any natural handle material. It won’t absorb blood and provides superior grip… even when wet and bloody. Three hollows are cut into the handle to decrease weight and allow for maximum epoxy bonding before screws and high-strength Loctite secure the perfect fit.
Free Sharpening For Life & Beyond:
Generations® is our promise to restore your knife to its original, unmatched working condition. MKC will clean, sharpen, repair, and even reshape your blades when necessary, as well as rewrapping handles free of charge. While we perform all necessary sharpening and maintenance, our aim is not to return your knife to its brand new appearance. Learn more about MKC Generations Promise.


Each Montana Knife Company™ Super Cub comes with an exclusive Kydex sheath. This 2 oz, click-in locking sheath can be adjusted for either horizontal or vertical carry, left or right-hand placement, and varying blade retention. The reversible quick-attach belt clip also lets you attach the sheath without removing or unclasping your belt.

  • Blade Steel: Magnacut Stainless Steel

  • Full Tang Construction

  • Handle Material: G-10

  • Sheath: Black Kydex Modular Belt Loop

  • Total Length: 9 7/8 in

  • Blade Length: 5 3/8 in

  • Knife Weight: 6.0 oz

  • 100% Made in the USA

  • Hand Finished in Montana

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Customer Reviews

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Bruce Simonds
The Perfect Blade For Everyone

Whether you camp, hunt, fish or explore the outdoors, you’ll love tithe versatility of this awesome knife. It has the right size blade, not too small, but not too large either. It’s the perfect size for all activities from skinning game to fire building, to preparing meals and surviving in the wilderness. Whether you wear it in your belt, or stuff it in your pack, you’ll appreciate the quality of the build, the tough, sharp blade, and the way it fills your hand. It’s truly a work of art that works! I plan to carry one in my pack and the other in my truck. For the money, it’s the best investment I can make to ensure I always return from every adventure. If you only buy one knife, this is the one to buy!


Thank you for the excellent review! The Supercub truly was designed for everything you stated above and glad that it's being recognized for all the potential it has! Good luck out there this season and hope you get some great use out of it!

Great knife

Super sharp out the box. Good heft. Not gone hunting with it yet, but it’s cuts up Amazon boxes like butter.

Thanks for the review! Hopefully you can get some good use out of it this year out in the field!

Tim C.

I am a public safety diver in Comifornia. Dove Catalina Island this past week and lost my dive knife. Used my MAGNACUT SUPER CUB in a place the real Super Cub can’t take you. 100’ down in the Pacific Ocean!!!! Strapped it to my leg with rubber straps using the included Kydex sheath and was more than amazed. Used it to cut line underwater with ease and no rust issues. Good shark deterrent also. The Great Whites saw that shiny blade and didn’t think twice about swimming away. Also with that MAGNACUT blade who needs a to carry a signaling mirror. These knives are the best. Josh, Jess, and staff, thank you again for the great 🇺🇸USA MADE knife.

That's amazing Tim! Definitely one of the more unique ways we have heard of them being used - that Magnacut will hold up really well when it comes to corrosion resistance from saltwater too! Thank you so much for the great review!

Ojay Llanes


Thanks for the review!

Ben Matteson
Super solid knife

I’m thinking this will be my new go to in camp and out on the trail. Will be hanging this on my pack for quick access this fall. Really like the feel and balance.


That's awesome! The Supercub a sturdy working knife that will do anything you ask of it, while still being a great medium sized lightweight knife for packing in. Thank you for the review and hope you get to use it a bunch this season!