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The Ultimate Hunting Blade.

At Montana Knife Company, we’ve made a name for ourselves designing compact hunting knives meant for ultralight packing. With the Super Cub, we’ve broken our own mold and gone big. Measuring 9 7/8″, the Super Cub is our longest and strongest hunting blade, capable of taking on any job you encounter in the field — from field dressing, gutting, and deboning to fieldcraft tasks like chopping, prying, and batoning wood.

The Super Cub knife is designed to withstand the toughest environments. It takes its name from the Piper Super Cub airplane, known for transporting hunters and adventurers to the most remote backcountry locations. For any situation a Super Cub plane can put you in, the MKC Super Cub can get you out. 



Drop Point Perfection
The Super Cub’s 5 1/2″ blade is the ideal drop point shape. The spine — which is about .02″ thicker than our other hunting blades for added strength — slopes down from the handle into the tip. The Super Cub also has more belly than other drop points, making the tip even more useful. There’s very little this knife can’t do.
Built-in Finger Guard
Just above the G-10 Handle Scales, we’ve shaped a finger guard in the steel to keep your hand from sliding up onto the blade’s sharp edge. This gives an additional measure of protection when you’re performing more intense fieldcraft tasks.
Parkerized 52100 Carbon Steel Blade
The Blackfoot is made from cryogenically treated 52100 high-carbon ball-bearing steel, achieving the perfect balance of edge retention, toughness, wear resistance, and easy resharpening. The blade is also parkerized to a matte black finish, which minimizes rust and glare.

Bulletproof G-10 Handle
The G-10 handle scales are equally as tough as the blade. G-10 is famous for being strong, durable, and stable — unmatched by any natural handle material. It won’t absorb blood and provides superior grip… even when wet and bloody. Three hollows are cut into the handle to decrease weight and allow for maximum epoxy bonding before screws and high-strength Loctite secure the perfect fit.
Free Sharpening For Life & Beyond:
Generations® is our promise to restore your knife to its original, unmatched working condition. MKC will clean, sharpen, repair, and even reshape your blades when necessary, as well as rewrapping handles free of charge. While we perform all necessary sharpening and maintenance, our aim is not to return your knife to its brand new appearance. Learn more about MKC Generations Promise.


Each Montana Knife Company™ Super Cub comes with an exclusive Kydex sheath. This 2 oz, click-in locking sheath can be adjusted for either horizontal or vertical carry, left or right-hand placement, and varying blade retention. The reversible quick-attach belt clip also lets you attach the sheath without removing or unclasping your belt.

  • Blade Steel: 52100 Ball-Bearing Steel

  • Full Tang Construction

  • Handle Material: G-10

  • Sheath: Black Kydex Modular Belt Loop

  • Finish: Black Parkerization

  • Total Length: 9 7/8 in

  • Blade Length: 5 3/8 in

  • Knife Weight: 6.0 oz

  • 100% Made in the USA

  • Hand Finished in Montana

Shell Hood Lagoon

Customer Reviews

Based on 170 reviews
Chris Huff
The perfect hiking and hunting companion!!

This is an awesome blade!! SHARP, strong, but light enough to be something you can carry everyday if necessary! MKC continues to set the standard with their products, customer service, and all around AWESOMENESS!!!

Brian Hurst
Solid, Sturdy, Dependable

All the quality and craftsmanship that I have to expect from MKC. This knife has become my go-to camp knife and it has not disappointed. Great edge retention and not at all heavy or cumbersome.

Nice, but disappointing.

I got the Super Cub for the larger handle, hoping for better ergonomics than the Blackfoot 2 provides. I find, however, that though the handle is longer, it still jams up my XL hands. The ergos, like those of my Blackfoot 2, are just not comfortable. It feels a bit awkward in whichever way I grip it. I think this is partly due to the shape of the guard, but even more so, the bulbous pommel, which uses up handle length and doesn’t really help much with control.
My disappointment is in the handle ergonomics. I think it needs to be fuller, but less highly figured.
Otherwise, the Super Cub seems like a fine general-purpose field knife.
The blade, while on the long side, has a very nice shape. The secondary bevel seems a bit obtuse. I don’t like the texture that the Parkerizing process produces.
I think I will take the pommel to the sander to smooth it out. I’ll probably try to ease the sharp edges of the guard, and may reduce it a touch. With time and use, the edge might be improved to the way I personally like my edges.
So, while not a great knife, I think the Super Cub will become a decent all-purpose outdoors knife.
Is this a $300 knife? Dunno….a Buck 117 w/ a S35V blade is half the price, is made in USA, has a more comfortable handle (still a tad small for me), and weighs less (w/ sheath).
I like the Super Cub…but I don’t know how often I’ll reach for it when I head outside.

Josef Wagner
Super Cub Purchase

What a fantastic knife. Top quality. Feels great and will get used on the next hunting trip. Also from transaction to arrival, everything from customer service to packaging is topnotch.

Larry Myers
Super cub

The Size and holster