The Mini-Speedgoat blades are made from 52100 high carbon ball-bearing steel. The cryogenically heat-treated blades provide a perfect balance of toughness and edge retention. Once the razor edge has been lost, it can be easily sharpened with a small stone. Unlike other knives, the Speedgoat's edge can be maintained by even novice knife owners. Additionally, the blades have been parkerized to a black finish, which will help minimize rust and glare. 52100 is not stainless. After use, clean the blade and occasionally apply a little MKC BLADE WAX.

The Mini Goat was designed out of necessity. First, we needed a perfect fixed blade hunting knife for smaller game like birds and fish. The small Mini Goat blade acts like a surgical scalpel in the right hands. Secondly, we wanted a small fixed blade knife that we could EDC "Every Day Carry". The compact size and light 1 ounce design makes it ideal to carry in your pocket or attached to molle webbing. 

The Speedgoat is light enough to pack on a goat hunt but durable and large enough to completely field-dress an elk. The thin knife blade not only makes the knife light but also makes resharpening easy. The 550 paracord wrapped handle will provide a great grip and reduce hand fatigue found in similar ultralight blades. This isn't just another knife but instead, it's a part of your essential gear. 




Each Mini Speedgoat comes with a custom MKC Kydex sheath 100% MADE IN THE USA. The sheaths come with a built-in retention screw so you can customize how much tension you would like on the blade. We built the sheath so you can carry your knife handle down for even faster accessibility. Also, we upgraded the exclusive MKC belt/pack attachment. The new clip will allow you to carry your knife on your pack or belt loop horizontally or vertically. BONUS! This model comes with a fabric grabbing pocket clip so you can EDC "Every Day Carry" in your pocket or attached to molle webbing. 

The knife is named the Mini-Speedgoat in reference to its bigger brother the Speedgoat which got its name from the antelope native to Montana. Light and extremely fast. Cunning vision and gorgeous as they run. Our vision for this knife is beautiful and it involves you packing it to the most difficult to access places in pursuit of your passions.

The Speedgoat is wrapped in USA MADE 550 paracord giving you the ability to not only hold on to it but also use the cord to use in an emergency situation like a broken bootlace or tie up a pack with a broken zipper.


  •  6.5" Overall Length

  • 3" Blade Length

  • Ultrathin 0.095 Blade Thickness

  • Ultralight 1 Ounce

  • 100% USA MADE – Hand Finished in Montana

  • 52100 Carbon Steel "Ball Bearing Steel”

  • Parkerized Black Finish – Minimize Glare & Rust

  • USA Made Paracord Wrapped Handle

  • 550 Paracord (550lb Weight Rating)

  • 7+ Feet Of Cord For Emergency Use

  • Exclusive MKC Open Carry Sheath 2.0

  • Meant For External Carry For Easy Accessibility

  • Ultralight Sheath at 2 Ounces

  • Retention Screw for Custom Lock

  • Removable MKC/Pack Belt Clip

  • Additional Fabric Grabbing Pocket Clip

  • Made to Be Customizable Vertical/Horizontal

Shell Hood Lagoon

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 37 reviews
    Zachary Sisk
    It’s a tool

    This knife is lite but durable and keeps and edge . I’ve been skinning varmits with since day one.

    Calvert Robinson
    Tough Durable & Sharp

    Used the knife to clean fish the small knife worked better than any fillet knife super sharp even cut the heads off with no problem knife still was super sharp. Probably one of the best knives I own. Thanks MKC

    Kyle Chandler
    Extremely light

    Great light blade and awesome sheath for edc

    John G
    Nice UDC! A few suggestions…

    I like the size, fit, finish and design of the mini goat for every day carry. I found the knife doesn’t click into the sheath like the speed goat does but it is secure. I would like the knife/sheath combo to fit a little lower in the pocket as a personal preference. When wearing the knife with pants with a thicker cloth as fitting a northern climate it stays in place really well. For those of us in a warmer climate with lighter cloth used in making the britches, the knife handle will lean out a little bit. All and all though a good little EDC though!

    Great Everyday Carry Blade - Lightweight with awesome shealth!

    Great lightweight blade for everyday use. Perfect for any situation