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Every hunting blade in the MKC lineup is tough enough to baton wood and perform essential campsite tasks, but we’re not satisfied with “good enough.” That’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Montana Knife Company family: The Hellgate Hatchet.

Crafted with passion and designed to be the ultimate packing and hiking companion, this little beast is as handy as it is resilient. Chop wood, clear your campsite, and start fires with ease.

The Hellgate’s compact, thin design has two primary benefits: lightness and sharpness. At just 14.9 ounces, it’s virtually unnoticeable when worn on a belt, and the hair-shaving edge can be used in lieu of a knife for cutting and slicing tasks. (That’s right, this bad boy can open up and break down an entire elk, if needed.)

The Hellgate Hatchet takes its name from Hellgate Canyon in Missoula, Montana. The canyon’s accessible location and breathtaking scenery make it a popular destination for weekend adventurers, hikers, and campers looking to put their skills to the test. Gear up, venture out, and let the wilderness wonder what hit it.



Parkerized 52100 Carbon Steel Blade
The Hellgate Hatchet is made from cryogenically treated 52100 high-carbon ball-bearing steel, achieving the perfect balance of edge retention, toughness, wear resistance, and easy resharpening. The steel is also parkerized to a matte black finish, which minimizes rust and glare.
Hair Shaving Edge
While most hatchets are primarily designed to be swung, the Hellgate can do more than brute force. We gave it the same super sharp edge as our knife blades to make it even more useful. If you find yourself without a knife, no problem. The Hellgate’s edge acts like a curved bladed knife, allowing you to open a chest cavity and field dress an entire animal.
Multi-Use Head
The butt of the head protrudes from the handle, giving you extra steel for a variety of tasks like digging rocks and dirt, pounding tent stakes, breaking up ice, and poking your fire
Bulletproof G-10 Handle Scales
The Hellgate’s handle scales are made from the same G-10 material found on many of our knives. G-10 is famous for being strong, durable, and lightweight — unmatched by any natural handle material. It can withstand any abuse without cracking or breaking, won’t absorb blood, and provides excellent grip, even when wet. We’ve also given the base of the handle a large knob that lets you lock in your grip when swinging the hatchet.
Free Sharpening for Life & Beyond
Generations® is our promise to restore your knife to its original, unmatched working condition. MKC will clean, sharpen, repair, and even reshape your blades when necessary, as well as rewrap handles free of charge. While we perform all necessary sharpening and maintenance, our aim is not to return your knife to its brand new appearance. Learn more about the MKC Generations Promise.


The Montana Knife Company™ Hellgate Hatchet comes with an exclusive Kydex sheath. This click-in locking sheath can be adjusted for either left or right-hand placement on your belt or strap.

  • Steel: 52100 Ball Bearing Steel

  • Finish: Black Parkerization

  • Handle Material: G-10

  • Total Length: 10 1/16 in

  • Head Length: 4 7/8 in

  • Hatchet Weight: 14.9 oz

  • Weight with Sheath: 17.6 oz

  • 100% Made in the USA

  • Hand-finished in Frenchtown, Montana

  • Sheath: MKC Exclusive Black Kydex Signature Sheath 2.0

Shell Hood Lagoon

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Devon Riviere
Love this hatchet

It’s nice and light, but still feels sturdy and capable. Fits my hands nice, loved that I managed to get a matching handle to my Fieldcraft knife. Can’t wait to get out in the fall and try it out for real, not just wrecking the wife’s bushes in the backyard.


The Hellgate and the Fieldcraft make a great pair, and especially in the same color handle! We hope you get the chance to use it out in the field too - you'll enjoy it, and certainly your wife will appreciate you leaving the bushes alone too! In all seriousness, thanks for the great review!

Jonathan Rogers
Solid little hatchet!

Nice sharp small hatchet. I used in the mountains for a couple of weeks and it performed well. Not a big fan of the belt clip and will probably switch out for some dangler straps so it will be easier to sit/crouch with but not a big deal. Overall super satisfied!! Keep up the great work MKC!

Kevin R
Awesome hatchet

I took this with me on my camping trips to Canada. I used it to set up camp, split small wood, and open things. Very useful and also very easy to carry.