9 Clever Uses for Blade Wax You Never Considered

9 Clever Uses for Blade Wax You Never Considered

Unlock the full potential of Montana Knife Company’s Blade Wax. From unjamming zippers to preventing rust, learn 9 clever uses to keep your gear in shape!

MKC Blade Wax is designed to protect and preserve your knives from the elements — like moisture, which, as we know, causes oxidation and rust. Our specialized formula prolongs the life of your knife for generations to come.

But MKC Blade Wax isn’t just for knives; it’s also a multi-tool in and of itself. Here are nine creative ways you can use MKC Blade Wax — or, nine great reasons to pack it for your next trip.

Infographic: 9 Clever Uses for Blade Wax You Never Considered

1. Seasoning Cast Iron

Cast iron pots and pans take some serious abuse out in the field, from the heat of the campfire to the moisture of cooking to the rain and wind they endure while hanging off a saddle.

Despite the beating they suffer, they last forever — but only if you take care of them. Our Blade Wax will keep them from rusting.

Because our Blade Wax uses natural, food-safe ingredients, it’s perfectly safe to use as a seasoning agent on cooking surfaces. If you’re out in the field and realize you’ve forgotten your usual seasoning agent, MKC Blade Wax is a handy alternative.

2. Preventing Rust on Cooking Utensils

MKC Blade Wax is great to use on both metal and wooden utensils. Just like with cast iron, it defends the metal against rust. It also acts as a hydrator for wood, keeping it from drying out, expanding and contracting, and, ultimately, cracking.

Here at MKC, we don’t make disposable products. Our Blade Wax demonstrates that ethos by protecting tools so they can be passed on for generations.

3. Unjamming Zippers

A zipper is just another rust point, and it’s one that can be extremely frustrating. For starters, most of us have had a fight with a jammed zipper at one point or another. To win that battle, just dip a rag in Blade Wax, put it on the zipper, and jimmy it — you’ll be surprised how well it works.

As far as rust, zippers often go overlooked, but they need care just like other tools. Zippers on jackets obviously face the weather, and zippers on soft coolers face moisture. MKC Blade Wax can protect them and keep them gliding smoothly.

4. Preserving Fruit and Vegetables

This one might sound crazy, but if you know you’ll be out in the field for a long time, you can apply a thin coat of wax to fruit or veggies. Grocery stores have used carnauba wax to do this in produce aisles for years.

It’s a simple trick that keeps moisture from seeping in or out and preserves the food a little longer.

5. Preserving Leather

It doesn’t matter if it’s a jacket, boots, or shoelaces — leather cracks easily. Applying MKC Blade Wax to your leather wares will prevent them from drying out and cracking.

6. Treating Cracked Hands

If you do any kind of work outside, you end up with cracked skin on your knuckles and fingers at some point. Blade Wax may not be recommended by your dermatologist, but it can help in a pinch if nothing else is around. It’ll fix you up and keep you working.

7. Hair and Beard Balm

Honestly, we’re not a skincare company, but we know from experience that MKC Blade Wax can also tame wild hair and unruly beards. Use a pinch in a pinch to dapper up quick. It even smells good!

Compared to mineral oil, coconut oil — a pillar of our Blade Wax formula — is thinner. That means it won’t clog your pores, and it’ll leave your skin less prone to acne and rashes.

8. Prolonging the Life of Metal or Woodworking Tools

Anything that endures friction, from axes to saws to screwdrivers, will see its metal edged away. Tools with hinges or metal pivot points are well-served by a natural lubricant like Blade Wax. It’ll keep the tool and its components from wearing out prematurely.

Additionally, anyone who works with hardwoods like oak and maple knows that woodscrews can cause the wood to crack. Adding wax to the screw before it goes in reduces that likelihood.

9. Waterproofing Boot Laces

Keeping your boots on tight will keep you sure-footed over rough terrain. MKC Blade Wax hydrates those bootlaces and saves them from fraying, drying out, and snapping.

Blade Wax uses an extract from a nut that’s also used in the boating industry. It’s a great waterproofing element. Apply Blade Wax to a rag and run it along the length of your laces and you’re good to go.

Quote: 9 Clever Uses for Blade Wax You Never Considered

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re hunting large animals or summiting your favorite mountain, MKC’s Blade Wax is a great asset for all your trips. It protects and maintains your gear against whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Whether you use it in a pinch out in the field or every couple months to maintain your gear, we encourage you to get creative — and let us know what you come up with!


by Josh Smith, Master Bladesmith and Founder of Montana Knife Company