How the Speedgoat Knife Got Its Name

February 28, 2023

A dark Speadgoat blade with a neon orange paracord handle sits diagonally across the feathers of a bird.

Customers often ask me, “How did the Speedgoat get its name?”

A lot of thought went into naming the Speedgoat, and there’s a lot of meaning behind it. It’s our flagship knife, so we wanted to give it a name emblematic of the entire Montana hunting scene.

What on Earth Is a Speedgoat?

If you don’t live up here in Montana, you may not have heard of an animal called a speedgoat before.

In Montana, “speedgoat” is slang for “antelope,” especially a pronghorn antelope. It’s one of our big game species here in the eastern part of the state. This antelope is extremely fast, wily, and has amazingly keen vision. It’s an all-around impressive animal.

The antelope is also light and blazing fast, which is exactly what the Speedgoat is designed to be — a knife for people who want to travel fast and light.

Thanks to its incredibly sharp blade, the Speedgoat runs straight through any animal it faces. And thanks to a handle wrapped in seven feet of handy paracord, it provides a lot of versatility in a small package.

Infographic: How the Speedgoat Knife Got Its Name

The Speedgoat’s Baby Brother

The Mini-Speedgoat is, as you might guess, a smaller version of the Speedgoat — its baby brother, as we like to call it.

It’s designed to tackle the same tasks as the Speedgoat, but in a smaller and more accessible package. The Mini-Speedgoat can be conveniently carried in a pocket, on a backpack, or on MOLLE webbing — places that might not necessarily work for the full-sized Speedgoat.

If you’re in a desperate situation and need a knife at the ready, you’ll want to have your Mini-Speedgoat hanging just inches away.

Our Flagship Knife

We’re big fans of the Speedgoat around here, and we actually use it out in the field all the time. I hope I’ve been able to demystify the name and answer your most burning questions about our flagship knife — and its baby brother, too.


by Josh Smith, Master Bladesmith and Founder of Montana Knife Company


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