Infographic: Why Buying an American Made Knife Matters

Why Buying an American-Made Knife Matters

Americans are hungry for American craftsmanship to make a comeback. Learn just a few reasons buying USA-made knives makes a difference.
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At MKC, we’re unapologetically passionate about American-made goods. All our knives are made right here in the United States, a fact we’re sincerely proud of.

Americans are hungry for American craftsmanship to make a comeback. This hunger has been brewing for a while, but the COVID-19 pandemic exposed supply chain vulnerabilities we can simply no longer accept. Being dependent on foreign countries for essential supplies is a poor model of survival for any nation, and we at MKC want to help.

Not convinced? Here are just a few additional reasons why buying USA-made knives makes a difference.

Why Buying an American-Made Knife Matters

Infographic: Why Buying an American Made Knife Matters

Reason 1: Buying American-Made Knives Supports Americans

The fact that our knives are manufactured in America means they are made by Americans — your neighbors, friends, and family. People you know. People like you.

As a testament to this, not only do our customers follow myself and our company on Instagram, they also follow our individual employees. I think that’s incredible. As an MKC buyer, you’re able to have a relationship with the real people who crafted your favorite knives.

Last time I checked, you can’t do that with the workers in China who made your iPhone.

Reason 2: Buying American-Made Knives Benefits Your Community

When you buy USA-made knives, the dollars you spend stay local. Those dollars pay the wages of people in your community. The money they earn is taxed, and those tax dollars go to the schools your children attend and the roads you drive on every day.

Eventually, the dollars people earn from the products you buy get turned around and spent again in your local economy, maybe even at your business, which then pays your wages.

Those dollars you initially spent are spent over and over again throughout your community. The important thing is that they stay here. When countless communities operate like this, the country grows stronger, well-paying jobs are plentiful, and opportunity abounds for all Americans.

Reason 3: Buying American-Made Knives Supports Good-Paying Jobs

There are no two ways about it: the cost of living is high. That’s why it’s so important to me as an employer that I pay my people meaningful wages.

Quite frankly, we at MKC pay a better wage than the market demands. That’s because we care deeply about our employees and believe they should be fairly compensated for their skills. They have to save money, buy homes, and provide for their families just like everyone else.

Companies in China don’t provide much in the way of benefits, but we as a two-year-old American brand already provide health insurance and 401k matching retirement plans for our employees. The fact that a company as young as ours offers these kinds of benefits speaks to what we’re all about — people over profit, quality over cutting corners.

When you pick up a USA-made MKC knife, you can rest assured that the skilled workers who made it are well-compensated.

Reason 4: Buying American-Made Knives Supports Causes You Care About

Speaking of what we stand for, we at MKC are involved in our community on many levels.

We invest in our employees by bringing them to hunting shows and events like the Total Archery Challenge. There, they meet industry leaders face to face and shake hands with grateful customers.

When you buy American-made knives from MKC, you’re also supporting a company that donates to nonprofits, pro-veteran causes, and wildlife conservation programs like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The money you spend helps us support the causes we know you believe in.

Reason 5: Buying American-Made Knives Ensures Quality and Warranty

At the end of the day, USA-made products are known for quality.

We take pride in what we make. We build products that last. We use better materials, employ better practices, and ensure safer working conditions for our people. That’s incredibly important to us at MKC.

Our shop is a beautiful facility. The top-notch environment improves our employees’ quality of life, which in turn improves the quality of the products they make. Instead of focusing on how miserable their job and workplace is, they’re able to focus on their craft and create superior products.

All this is the result of a choice — a commitment to producing high-quality, American-made knives we’re proud to stand behind.

That’s why every knife we sell comes with our Generations Promise. Send your MKC knife back to us at any point in its lifetime to clean, sharpen, repair, or rewrap it, free of charge, even after you pass your knife on to your children.

We’re happy to do so, because buying USA-made knives benefits our community today and is a promise to the generations of tomorrow.


by Josh Smith, Master Bladesmith and Founder of Montana Knife Company