A table holds over a dozen American-made gift ideas from employees at MKC.

The MKC Gift Guide From Our Favorite American-Made Companies

This holiday season, embrace the impact of buying local with Montana Knife Company’s guide to top-quality, American-made products.

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I’ve always believed in buying American-made products. Since starting Montana Knife Company and observing its effects on our community, that belief has strengthened.

As a company, our actions affect an astonishing number of people, even beyond our warehouse. We touch the businesses we source our materials from, the companies they partner with, the customers who buy from them (and from us), and more.

That money recycles through our local economy, creating jobs and improving our schools. If we were to outsource to a foreign entity, those benefits would disappear.

Consider buying your loved ones American-made gifts this holiday season. Your purchase will have a ripple effect throughout your entire community — plus, your loved ones will enjoy a high-quality item that won’t break after a few uses.

We asked our employees to recommend some of their favorites to help you get started.

Infographic: The MKC Gift Guide From Our Favorite American-Made Companies

Outdoorsmans Tripod and Tripod Heads

How many times during a hunt do you put your glass down to let your arms rest? Each moment of inattention could cost you the perfect shot.

Tripod and tripod heads from Outdoorsmans solve this problem. They’re dead-steady, smooth as butter to use, and allow easy swapping between binoculars and spotting scopes.

Each product will last you (or your gift recipient) longer than a lifetime.

Montana Knife Company Stonewall Skinner

Named for Montana’s beautiful Stonewall Mountain, the Stonewall Skinner is one of the most versatile blades in the MKC collection. Perfectly curved for skinning, sharp for cutting, and stout for chopping, the Stonewall is as all-purpose as it gets and the perfect gift for the hunter in your life.

Made with 52100 ball-bearing steel, the Stonewall’s parkerized blade, G10 handle, and full-tang construction ensure a strong, long-lasting tool. And our Generations® promise means owners can count on MKC to help maintain their blade for years to come, free of charge.

Seekins Precision Rifles

Know someone in the market for a new hunting rifle? If your loved one deserves the ultimate gift, don’t overlook the quality and precision of a Seekins rifle.

Each rifle comes in multiple colors, lengths, and calibers, so there’s a combination for every hunter. Plus, the people at Seekins stand behind their products — each rifle comes with a lifetime warranty.

Nosler Ammunition

There’s no such thing as too much ammunition. Who knows when you’ll need it? If you’re shopping for someone who shoots, look no further than Nosler.

The quality of Nosler’s ammunition speaks for itself. We recommend the 300 Win Mag 180gr AccuBond bullet. It’s the perfect gift for the hunter who already has everything.

Stryker XL Backpack by Kifaru

A good rucksack is your most important piece of gear. Whether you’re hunting, camping, or hiking, the equipment that keeps you safe needs to be kept safe.

The Stryker XL by Kifaru does exactly that. Kifaru sources every high-quality piece — down to the zippers and clasps — here in America, so you won’t wind up with a busted backpack halfway through your trip.

I own the Stryker XL and I love it. The expandable/removable pockets and storage areas make carrying my gear easy, whether I pack heavy or light.

ORIGIN Clothing

ORIGIN’s high-quality products are made for rugged tradespeople. Whether you need something for your job or for your free time, ORIGIN makes it — and you can wear it for years.

ORIGIN’s jeans are the go-to pants for several members of our MKC team. We also love ORIGIN’s boots and their hunting and camping gear. The company sells tops, outerwear, and accessories as well.

Darn Tough Socks

Though we often take gifting socks as a joke, Darn Tough socks are anything but. They’re made in Vermont and crafted with 100% merino wool.

This is the only sock I wear because it doesn’t slouch in my boots. Whether I’m donning a hiking sock or a steely boot sock, it’s the perfect fit.

Darn Tough socks come with a lifetime warranty. If you wear a toe hole in them one, two, or even three years down the line, Darn Tough will replace them for free.

Breeo Smokeless Fire Pits

Breeo is the original USA-made smokeless fire pit company, operating out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Several of our team members have and love both the X Series and portable Y Series.

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box gift for your favorite camper or backyard griller, Breeo is the way to go.

Willie’s Distillery Whiskey

Willie’s Distillery is a veteran-owned business based in Ennis, Montana. They distill their famous Devil’s Brigade Whiskey to superior standards. If your gift recipient isn’t a whiskey drinker, they also brew vodka, moonshine, bourbon, and liqueur using local ingredients.

We like Willie’s Distillery because they support local events and small-town get-togethers. If your loved one likes an ice-cold drink at the end of a long day, we recommend starting here.

Teton Leather Company

We source all our leather products from Teton Leather Company, including our leather sheaths and rifle slings. But Teton doesn’t just sell to other businesses — they manufacture their own high-quality leather goods, too.

You can find Teton Leather Company here in Montana, where they handmake everything from notebooks to hunting gear. We particularly love their beaver skin wallets.

Easton Arrows

Does the bowhunter in your life need a holiday gift? Just as you can never have too much ammunition, you can never have too many arrows — especially high-quality ones. I shoot Easton’s 4mm Axis arrows, and they’re incredible. Their FMJ arrows are a fantastic alternative.

Easton’s arrows are precision-made right here in the USA, and they advertise their products as “the most accurate hunting arrows on the market.” Based on my experience, I’m inclined to agree.

Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee Company is a veteran-owned business based in Salt Lake City. Their Just Black Roast is all we drink here in the office, but they have an option for every coffee connoisseur. Their merchandise, coffee bundles, and accessories also make fantastic gifts.

Black Rifle’s gear page has some options for non-coffee-drinkers, too. You’ll find no lack of fun gifts there, from grinders to handmade mugs to electric kettles.

Zippo Lighters

After nearly a century in business, Zippo is an icon of American quality and ingenuity. Today, they sell more than lighters, though the classic lighter still makes a functional and beautiful gift.

Campers, hikers, and hunters also appreciate Zippo’s line of outdoor fire-starting accessories. It includes fire-starting paracord, typhoon matches, multi-purpose torches, solid fuel, and more.

Leupold Rifle Scopes

Since gifting a firearm can be a difficult and expensive process, consider gifting an accessory like a scope as an alternative. I use and love the VX-5HD 2-10x42 Duplex scope from Leupold, and I’m more than satisfied with the product’s quality and function.

I’ve had the good fortune of touring Leupold’s facility myself, and I got to see them doing warranty work on 50-year-old hunting scopes. If that doesn’t show this Oregon-based business stands behind its products, I don’t know what does.

Quote: The MKC Gift Guide From Our Favorite American-Made Companies

Final Thoughts

Of course, you don’t have to exclusively shop American-made. Each time you do, though, you bring jobs and profits back to our cities. Start small this holiday season by taking advantage of our list. You’ll be glad you did.

Have a happy, healthy season.

by Josh Smith, Master Bladesmith and Founder of Montana Knife Company