The Montana Knife Company™ Blackfoot Blade 2.0s are made from 52100 high carbon ball-bearing steel.  The cryogenically heat-treated blades provide a perfect balance of toughness and edge retention.  Once the razor edge has been lost it can be easily sharpened with a small stone.  Unlike other knives, the Blackfoot’s edge can be maintained by even novice knife owners.   Additionally, the blades have been covered in a Cerakote™ finish which will help minimize rust and glare.  52100 is not stainless.  After use, clean the blade and occasionally apply a little wax or oil.

The Montana Knife Company™ Blackfoot Blade 2.0 was designed as the do it all knife. It is light enough to pack on a goat hunt but durable and large enough to completely field dress and elk.  The thin knife blade not only makes the knife light but also makes resharpening easy.  With G-10 handle this knife will not absorb blood and will also still provide some grip when wet.  This isn’t just another knife but instead, it's a part of your essential gear.  


The Montana Knife Company™ Blackfoot Blade 2.0 got its name from the region that our founder Josh Smith grew up in.  The Blackfoot river valley in Lincoln Montana is on the edge of the Bob Marshall and Scapegoat wilderness’.   Josh grew up hunting and fishing in this area and felt it was fitting to name this blade after this incredible place.  

The Montana Knife Company™ Blackfoot Blade 2.0s have three hollows cuts into the handle to decrease weight and provide a place for the epoxy to bond the steel and handle material.  Screws and high-strength epoxy hold the handle scales in place permanently.   


Customizable Kydex Sheath

Each Montana Knife Company™ Blackfoot Blade 2.0 comes with a Kydex sheath with a quick attach belt look.  This belt loop can be put on your belt without removing or unclasping the belt.  The knife can also be carried horizontally or vertically by simply removing two screws, adjusting the look, and reapplying the screws. 

  • Blade Steel:  52100 Ball-Bearing Steel

  • Full Tang Construction
  • Handle Material:  G-10

  • Sheath: Black Kydex Modular Belt Loop

  • Finish: Orange Cerakote
  • Blade Length: 3.5 in

  • Total Length: 7.75 in
  • Knife Weight: 3.6 oz
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Hand Finished in Montana
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Love it!

Had the original Blackfoot and couldn’t pass up on this one when I saw that beautiful orange blade!

“Kitchen” knife review

The little girl in the decorated vest asked me if the government knows about all my knives. “Young lady”, I replied to the Girl Scout, “The government knows the minimum required by law for all my possessions.” I brought my MKC Blaze Orange Blackfoot 2.0 and a slew of lesser blades, to aid in helping these little ones learn knife safety en route to earning their Outdoor badge. They met two requirements during my presentation as it quickly pivoted to First Aid as I explained that within 5 mins of unsafely opening my Blackfoot, I was treating a knife wound.

Public service announcement: Josh Smith forges a sharp blade.

So, whether you are training Americas next generation of outdoor adventures, cutting meat (in the kitchen), or cutting medical tape to administer first aid on self, MKC is, in my opinion the best blade you can get your hands (or fingers) on.

Tyler Claypool
Awesome knife that performs beyond expectations!

I wanted to wait a bit and put this knife through its paces before leaving a review. It started with casterating calves and ended with 6 total deer under its edge. Never needed to sharpen once and always gave crisp cuts with ease. Can’t wait to use and abuse it in 2022.

Heirloom quality, to be used and not just looked at.

The craftsmanship in this knife is superb. Knife is sharp, feels great in my hand. Hand and blade flow together seamlessly. The kydex sheath is perfect. Easily one of the very best kydex sheaths I have ever tried. Love the orange blade as it looks unique. This knife will be used both for Search and Rescue and my other outdoor activities. Just need to pick up one more so I have one to pass down to each of my boys.

Great EDC/Hunting Knife

This knife is razor sharp, feels great in your hand, is super tough, and made in the USA. The kydex sheath locks in perfectly and is great to be carried vertically on a pack strap. Great knife overall.