This hat you have to see to believe. Look good and represent Montana Knife Company!

All our patches are genuine leather. Like a baseball glove, the leather patch will darken and soften over time.  

Contents: Cotton-Poly Nylon Mesh
Size: Adjustable (6 5/8-7 5/8)
Shape: Mid-Pro
Fit/Closure: Adjustable Snapback
Visor Style: Curved bill
Visor (under): Matching
Crown: Mid 3 1/2
Panels: 6
Sweatband: Cotton


We have never really taken the time to explain the bison skull with the knife stuck in it and what it means to our brand. It’s more than you would think.

Most would assume that the bison skulls and Montana just go together. There are a lot of Montana brands that rep the bison skull. That makes complete sense.

But there are layers to this onion…

First, we choose the bison because the bison is the greatest comeback story ever. Just like American manufacturing and our promise to only create America Made knives and bring back jobs to this country.

Take it one step further… You will notice that it is not just any bison skull and that the horns are missing. It is actually a petrified Bison skull from the previous ice age here in Montana. The skull that we used is the bison skull that hangs in Brandon’s family cabin outside of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. The skull was found when they were digging up the foundation of the old hunting cabin in the early 1940s. We are not sure how old the bison skull really is.

Now, what does the knife mean??? This to me is the best part and it more than just looks cool. If you have ever read the book by @stevenrinella American Bison: In Search for a Lost Icon, you will hear a story about a petrified bison skull from the previous ice age that they found with tool scratches and marks on it. That doesn’t sound too surprising today… But when they found that skull in the early 1900s that skull ended up not only pushing the timeline of people living in the United States by a couple of thousand years but people existing in general and using tools by a couple of thousand years. Yes making and using tools right here in the USA.

So, in short, the MKC Bison Skull is a symbol of the great American Manufacturing comeback and honors the past knife makers who live in North America before anyone ever knew this place existed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Nicholas Cain
5 stars but………..

I never received the hat I purchased. It was sent to the wrong address. I still gave it 5 stars because I assume that I would have loved this hat…. Had I received it. Not MKC fault. USPS fault! Seems like it’ll never be back I stock to replace the one I purchased.
This might be the very first 5 star review of a product never received. Fingers crossed that I will someday own the hat I purchased! Until then, I will continue to check the availability of this hat on the website and hope it’s back in stock soon.

Cody Robbins
Love this hat

Looks great with the bison skull sweatshirt

Mark Mcgarvey
As always from MKC - another great product!!!!

As always from MKC - another great product!!!!

Wyle Cuplin
Great hat

Good quality, no complaints.

Michael Kirschbaum
Love the hat!

Sick hat and badass logo!

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