Five MKC Wargoat knives rest on a black table in their sheathes.

Introducing the Wargoat Knife: Crafted for Duty, Designed for Survival

Introducing the Wargoat, our new tactical ring knife designed for everyday carry or last-ditch self-defense. Concealable, practical, and ready for anything.

We’re thrilled to introduce our new Wargoat knife. It joins the likes of our Speedgoat and Stoned Goat knives as the newest member of our “goat” family.

Geometrically, the Wargoat is similar to the Speedgoat, but with more of a tactical theme. It fills a niche in our lineup that’s been empty for far too long.

Infographic: Introducing the Wargoat Knife: Crafted for Duty, Designed for Survival

The Wargoat’s Origins

As the “war” name implies, the Wargoat is an EDC tactical, last-line-of-defense blade. While you can still use the Wargoat for hunting and utility tasks, that’s not its main purpose.

I designed the Wargoat to work with multiple grip styles. Using the ring on the handle, the wielder can turn the Wargoat from a forward-grip blade to an “edge-out” weapon. The ring gives you a positive grip that’s harder to dislodge, which is important in high-stress, self-defense situations.

The Wargoat’s ring also gives you an extra grip point. You can carry it inside the waistband with only the ring visible, keeping its appearance subtle while allowing easy access.

Ring knives are becoming more popular by the day, and the Wargoat demonstrates that style with MKC’s signature spin.

The Wargoat’s Primary and Secondary Uses

The Wargoat is a defense-oriented knife with the same silhouette as our Speedgoat. It has the envelope we like in a good hunting knife, but with a few extra features that make it better suited for everyday carry.

The Wargoat shines in its use as a last-ditch defense tool. In a military situation, you’d have a rifle for your first line of defense, then a pistol as your backup. You’d only reach for your knife in a desperate situation when someone (or something) was right on top of you.

The Wargoat’s size and shape make it easy to conceal, and as we’ve discussed, the integrated ring makes it easy to grab. It’s a great backup for your firearm and a great alternative for self-defense in places where you can’t carry a firearm.

The Wargoat is also a great utility blade. While it’s designed to work best with a reverse combat grip, you can use it with a standard grip. In a pinch, it can complete any task the Speedgoat can.

Specs Breakdown

Like the Speedgoat, the Wargoat has a slight trailing point and a fixed blade. It’s not a dagger like many of today’s ring knives — it only has one working edge. Not only does this make it legal to carry and conceal in more jurisdictions, but it also makes it more practical for everyday use.

We created the Wargoat with Cerakote-covered Magnacut stainless steel to minimize its reflectiveness. The G10 handle allows for maximum stability and grip. It’s the ultimate concealable, untraceable, quick-pull blade.

Final Thoughts on the Wargoat

We’re only out on the hunt for a few weeks per year. Most of us need something we can carry on off days to protect ourselves and our families — and sometimes to fulfill a task. That’s what the Wargoat does.

I think our first foray into tactical ring blades is an excellent start.

Quote: Introducing the Wargoat Knife: Crafted for Duty, Designed for Survival


by Josh Smith, Master Bladesmith and Founder of Montana Knife Company