Tattooed hands place a fixed-blade knife in its sheath, at their belted waistband.

5 Reasons to Consider Carrying a Fixed-Blade Knife Daily

Just about everyone knows they should carry a fixed-blade knife for hunting, but here are 5 reasons to consider carrying a fixed-blade knife daily.
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Many knife owners like folding knives because they're compact and easy to carry. Folding knives definitely have their place, and Montana Knife Company is even working toward making folders in the future.

But we also love a fixed-blade knife.

Fixed-blade knives sometimes carry a stigma of being big and bulky, but that's where MKC has broken the mold. We pride ourselves on making knives that are thin, light, and strong.

For example, our Mini-Speedgoat Fixed Blade is the size of most small folding knives, and at just 1 ounce, it weighs less. Most of the time, you can carry a small fixed-blade just as easily as a folding knife, and it's ready to go to work immediately.

Just about everyone knows they should carry a fixed-blade knife for hunting. In this post, we'll look at five reasons to consider carrying a fixed-blade knife daily.

Strength and Durability

Strength and durability are the things everyone looks for in a knife. It has to stand up to the task at hand. If you're a person with a day job that involves a lot of heavy work that really puts a knife to the test — maybe opening boxes, electrical work, etc. — you know how easy it is to burn through cheap folding knife after cheap folding knife.

Fixed-blade knives are almost always stronger and more durable than folding knives. A big reason for this is the hinge of a folding knife, which creates a weak point, especially with frequent stress on the blade.

Instead of constantly replacing folders, carrying one well-made fixed-blade knife and keeping it sharp will keep you equipped for daily tasks.


A knife that isn't accessible is useless. Gun owners make the accessibility argument for concealed carry. If you're in a shopping mall and something happens, you don't have time to run to your truck for the pistol in your glove box.

It's similar with a knife that's buried in a pocket, purse, or pack under layers of other stuff, where most people keep their folding blades. On top of that, no matter how good a flipper you are, you'll always need a little time to open a folded blade. Sometimes you even need two hands. That's not ideal in an emergency.

A fixed-blade knife clipped onto your belt or pack is very accessible. It takes no time to open; you just reach for it and pull it from the sheath.

It's not that carrying a folder in your pocket is a bad thing. But what if you get into a bad situation at work or in the field and need a blade immediately. We recently had one knife owner in the Bob Marshall Wilderness tell us he used his fixed blade to save a friend's life by cutting the saddle free when his horse rolled over on him.

Hiking, biking, ranching, even crab fishing — there are so many jobs and situations where you want a knife accessible and ready to cut at a moment's notice.

The Kydex sheath we provide with all MKC fixed-blade knives protects the blade and clips just about anywhere — belts, backpack straps, bicycles, fanny packs, purses, etc. And with a secure sheath, you don't have to worry about the blade opening while inside a purse or bag.

Self Defense

With the rise in crime today, especially in our big cities, self defense has become a much more important reason to carry a fixed-blade knife wherever you go.

Fixed-blade knives provide a good amount of handle to grip for self defense, and they're convenient to grab quickly. When it comes to situations of self-defense, every millisecond counts. All folding knives have to open, and some require two hands or a button. Having to open your knife can cost you valuable time.

A lot of places in this country don't allow you to carry a gun for self defense, and a can of mace is bulky and difficult for many people to use. But our Speedgoat and Mini-Speedgoat knives can clip onto leggings or a sports bra to keep joggers safe without adding a lot of weight. They also clip into pockets and purses for quick access when you're walking to your car, riding the subway, or going to work.


Fixed-blade knives don't have moving parts that you have to worry about breaking. We keep our knives simple for a reason. They have solid construction, and they work every time.

Folding knives have working mechanisms that can fail. Pivots, bearings, liners, and locks all have to stay in good shape for folders to work. Demanding jobs with tasks that put side pressure on the blade can strain the pivot point and leave you looking for a replacement knife.

All of MKC's fixed-blade knives have simple, strong, full-tang construction, making them incredibly reliable for whatever job you're doing.

Low Maintenance

With a fixed-blade knife, you don't have to worry about much beyond sharpening.

With our carbon steel fixed blades, you just have to keep the blade clean, apply a little blade wax, and you're ready to go. With our MagnaCut knives, you don't even have to be too meticulous about waxing and cleaning.

Fixed-blade knives need no adjusting, and they don't get the lint and dirt buildup that can keep folding knives from operating. The more complicated the mechanism, with springs and buttons and hinges, the more likely you'll need to take apart and repair the knife.

Infographic: 5 Reasons to Consider Carrying a Fixed-Blade Knife Daily

What Most People Get Wrong About Fixed-Blade Knives

To combat the stigma attached to fixed-blade knives, below is a quick, myth-busting rundown of the most common objections to fixed blades.

Fixed-blade knives are too big and heavy. Our Mini-Speedgoat weighs just 1 ounce and is the size of a small folding knife.

Fixed-blade knives can't be concealed. Fixed blades are at least ten times lighter than small pistols, which people conceal carry all the time. You can wear them inside a boot, a purse, or the waistband of your pants.

Fixed-blade knives are only for self defense. A good blade functions in hundreds of ways, from self-defense to opening boxes and letters. 99.9% of the time, you'll be using your knife for all the other tasks you need it for during the course of the day.

However, you can't underestimate the peace of mind that comes with carrying a blade that's reliable and accessible in a self-defense situation. A young man or woman who has to walk to their car or home at night should have something to protect themselves. And in places where it's illegal to carry a pistol, a fixed-blade knife is a good alternative. Our 3-inch Mini-Speedgoat blade is a great, short knife for places with blade-length laws.

Fixed-Blade Knives: Great Blades for Everyday Carry

At one time, fixed-blade knives mostly evoked thoughts of Crocodile Dundee or Rambo. But MKC fixed-blade knives are light, strong, and functional for everyday tasks.

Which one I carry depends on what I'm doing. On yesterday's horseback ride up to the top of a mountain, I brought a Speedgoat. When I go into town, I carry a Mini-Speedgoat in my pocket. Find out what works for your needs, and consider carrying a fixed-blade knife for your everyday tasks.

by Josh Smith, Master Bladesmith and Founder of Montana Knife Company