Brothers Seth and Scott Perkins, AKA the Bearded Butchers, smile while standing in front of hanging meats.

Meet the Bearded Butchers: Fathers, Entrepreneurs, and Influencers

Hear from Seth and Scott Perkins, AKA the Bearded Butchers, about family, work ethic, and what makes a great knife.

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I’m excited to introduce you to Seth and Scott Perkins, better known as the Bearded Butchers. They’re proud owners of a second-generation butcher shop, outdoor influencers with thriving e-commerce ventures, and outspoken ambassadors for Montana Knife Company.

I recently sat down with the Perkins brothers to talk about family, work ethic, and what makes a great knife.

From Custom Butchers to Online Influencers

Before the Bearded Butchers, there was the Whitefeather Bison Company, a bison farm and butcher shop owned by Seth and Scott’s father, Freddie. A competing custom butcher shop sat down the road from Whitefeather, and competition was fierce.

Eventually, Freddie purchased the competing shop, and the Perkins family entered the custom butchering industry. Thereafter, Whitefeather Bison Company became Whitefeather Meats.

Running the shop wasn’t a walk in the park, so Seth and Scott quit school at a young age to work full time and learn the tricks of the trade. As their products rose in quality, the waitlist for Whitefeather’s custom butchering grew, especially after it became a certified USDA facility.

In 2016, Seth and Scott made a life-altering decision: They would raise and sell only their own meat, ending their custom butchering service. They didn’t want to discontinue an aspect of their business without adding something new in its place, so they invented a unique spice mix to include with each purchase.

The spice was so well received that the duo decided to sell it separately. In honor of a local facial hair club they founded, they named the spice the “Bearded Butchers Approved” seasoning mix. They used Freddie’s face in their logo, as he was the “original” bearded butcher.

As a way to provide value to their community and beyond, the brothers posted a deer butchering how-to video on Facebook. It garnered a lot of positive attention, and thus, the Bearded Butchers influencer brand was born.

Infographic: Meet the Bearded Butchers: Fathers, Entrepreneurs, and Influencers

Running a Family Business

Family is everything to Seth and Scott. They’re grateful not only to work together as brothers but also to have their children involved in the family business. Those relationships keep them humble, even as their e-commerce ventures take off and their YouTube videos garner millions of views.

Seth says his relationship with his brother wasn’t always peaceful, especially when they were children. “Our egos got in the way a lot,” he says about their tendency to fight and argue. “We quickly realized...we had to put those stupid differences aside and focus on our goal.”

Now, Seth can’t remember the last time he and Scott argued. He attributes their strong working relationship to the way they balance each other out. “I’m the sledgehammer, and he’s the piece [of] precision,” says Seth.

The brothers can’t discount their father’s role in building the family business. Freddie was a Vietnam veteran, and to him, failure wasn’t an option. Both Seth and Scott strive to establish a strong work ethic in their children, as their father did in them.

Scott also cites loyalty, discipline, and respect as some of the core values he’s passing on to the next generation of business owners. He wants his and Seth’s kids to understand the effort required to excel, regardless of what field they choose. “The balance of understanding hard work while avoiding complacency is our challenge, especially as our business grows.”

The Bearded Butchers’ Favorite MKC Knife

The Perkins brothers first learned about MKC through a mutual friend, Laura Zerra. Seth was pleasantly surprised to learn how strongly their values of hard work and authenticity aligned with MKC’s. The brothers appreciate MKC’s support for blue-collar work and American jobs, too.

“A brand collaboration just made sense,” Seth says.

Seth says the Stoned Goat is his favorite MKC knife. He likes the blade’s light weight and versatility — it’s always right on his pack and easy to reach when he needs it.

Quote: Meet the Bearded Butchers: Fathers, Entrepreneurs, and Influencers

What Do the Bearded Butchers Do in Their Spare Time?

Time off is precious and scarce for the Bearded Butchers. When they’re not hustling, they’re sleeping, hunting, and spending time with their kids.

Every year after Thanksgiving, the brothers travel to their cabin in southern Ohio and hunt with family for a full week. “We can go no cell reception; kind of turn the world off,” says Seth. “Take the kids down there, take the family down there, and slink off into the hills and really just detox.”

The brothers take 52 days off every year — Sundays. That’s their time to rest, recover, and connect with their faith. “That allows us to hit the ground running. It allows us to just power down, spend that day with family. And then we go ham outside of that.”

The Bearded Butchers have no plans to slow down anytime soon. We’re sure their future is full of fantastic opportunities for their family and businesses. We’re thrilled to have them as friends and brand ambassadors here at Montana Knife Company.