A sharp, well-made petty knife laying on a wooden cutting board, surrounded by finely sliced food.

Introducing the MKC Petty Knife

The MKC Petty Knife is a high-performance tool that will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Montana Knife Company is excited about a new addition to our culinary line — the MKC Petty Knife.

Just as with our other MKC culinary knives, Mareko Maumasi put a lot of thought into the design of this blade.

The design of the MKC Petty Knife continues the themes of the Bighorn Chef’s Knife and the Santoku Knife. It’s a perfect combination of MKC style in the handle profile and real-deal, Mareko Maumasi Fire Arts aesthetic in the blade.

And, most importantly, the distinctive look of the MKC Petty Knife goes hand-in-hand with form and function.

What Is a Petty Knife Used For?

The word petty in petty knife literally comes from the French word petit, which means “small.” While the Bighorn Chef’s Knife excels at large slicing tasks, like breaking down large fruits and vegetables or big cuts of meat, the smaller, handy MKC Petty Knife is perfect for finer tasks in the kitchen.

Petty knives are essentially utility knives used for work done off the cutting board. It’s the knife you use when you’re cutting a vegetable in your hand or breaking down a chicken. You don’t use it for chopping; you use it for boning and for smaller work.

A petty knife’s narrow tip allows you to get into joints and work around corners. At the same time, it’s a very versatile and handy slicing knife, good for cutting up small fruit and vegetables.

Petty Knife Form and Function

The MKC Petty Knife looks great, but it’s not just a pretty face. As with all MKC knives, it was important to us to design with function in mind.

For example, this petty knife is a little narrower with a fine tip for delicate slicing and work in tight spaces. We also designed the handle with the same G-10 material we use in our hunting knives. G-10 is meant to stand up to abuse. It can stand up to all conditions in the field, and it can get wet, greasy, or bloody in the kitchen without becoming slick or suffering damage.

A Sheath to Protect Your Petty Knife

The MKC Petty Knife comes with a great sheath in the form of a slip-cover for the edge of the blade. You can simply slide the edge in until it locks in place, and a snap keeps it secure.

Infographic: Introducing the MKC Petty Knife

We provide a sheath for two important reasons. First, we want you to be able to take your MKC Petty Knife in your hunting pack into camp, stow it in your horse’s pannier, or throw it in your gear bag when you’re headed to Alaska for some salmon fishing, or to Canada for a sheep hunt.

Second, the sheath protects both you and your knife at home. We all know kitchen drawers can get a little messy, so the Petty Knife’s fitted sheath keeps your fingers safe when you reach in amongst your tools. It also keeps the knife edge from banging against other items in the drawer, a frequent cause of damage on kitchen knife edges.

The MKC Petty Knife is a high-performance tool that will last a lifetime if properly cared for. We’re extremely proud of this blade, which is why we created a sheath that will help you preserve it for as long as you’re cooking, and beyond.


by Josh Smith, Master Bladesmith and Founder of Montana Knife Company