A hunter wears a headlamp in the dark while using his drop point blade to skin an animal out in the field.

What Is a Drop Point Blade and When Do You Need One?

Discover what a drop point blade is, when you need one, and why it’s one of the most popular knife types for hunters.

When you imagine a simple, conventional hunting knife, you probably imagine a drop point blade.

A drop point blade is characteristic of your classic hunting knife. It’s a useful blade that generally measures 3.5 to 6 inches long.

Physically, the point is lower than the center spine of the knife coming out from the handle, generally dropping in the final third of the blade — thus, the name “drop point.”

This design makes for a point that’s strong and heavy, but still useful enough for fine detail work. Most drop point blades also have a little bit of belly to the edge, allowing for more cutting action.

Those are the specs, but maybe you’re thinking: That’s all great, but what is a drop point blade for?

Let’s find out.

Infographic: What Is a Drop Point Blade and When Do You Need One?

What Is a Drop Point Blade Best At?

Like I mentioned earlier, a drop point blade is your classic hunting knife. It’s great for skinning and gutting white-tailed deer, elk, or any other big game.

The drop point won’t get in your way as much as the points on other blades do. It isn’t so aggressive, and it’s much easier to control when it’s in the hand, making for a much cleaner, easier gutting process.

Drop point blades also have a bigger belly and a long, continuous edge, both of which allow for more cutting action.

Quote: What Is a Drop Point Blade and When Do You Need One?

The Best Drop Point Blade (in Our Humble Opinion)

Overall, you can’t go wrong with a drop point blade. It’s a good, strong, old school design that’s a favorite for hunters of all ages to carry in the field.

In fact, the drop point blade is what inspired the MKC Super Cub Drop Point Hunter — the “Super Cub,” for short.

The Super Cub is a classic knife based on time-honored tradition and designed for every kind of hunting situation. The 5-inch blade has a nice drop to it. The tip is strong, and the steel is thickest in the center of the blade.

We designed the Super Cub to stand up to the most extreme hunting tasks. That’s where the name came from: Any place you can reach in a Super Cub airplane, the knife named after it will do the job you ask it to.

If you’re a hunter who likes a bigger blade for cutting but also needs to skin and gut animals, the Super Cub is for you. And because it’s designed to be brought anywhere, it’s also strong enough to baton through wood. It can even serve you in survival situations, should your Super Cub airplane fall short of its destination.

If you need a classic hunting knife for any purpose at all, you can’t go wrong with the Super Cub. There’s no need for a hunting knife to be any bigger — the Super Cub is the F-350 of hunting knives.


by Josh Smith, Master Bladesmith and Founder of Montana Knife Company