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The Smith River Santoku Knife was crafted to be the perfect companion to the Big Horn Chef Knife. Where the Santoku shines is tackling any task that doesn’t require the extra length, weight and slicing power of a larger chef’s knife. The Santoku’s smaller size, thinner blade & lighter weight, make it perfectly suited for tasks that require speed and precision over heavy duty cutting. In Japanese cooking, the santoku knife typically serves as a vegetable knife. It’s handy for slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing things like carrots, peppers, onions, cabbage, and any other veggies, fruits, herbs or seafood in your kitchen.



We asked renowned knife maker Mareko Maumasi — with his extensive knowledge as a bladesmith and experience in the restaurant industry — to join MKC and design our first line of culinary knives. Like the Bighorn Chef’s Knife, the MKC Santoku Knife benefits from Mareko’s extensive experience in commercial kitchens. He knows exactly what a santoku design needs in order to create a functional, ergonomic, durable blade. The size & shape of a santoku knife makes it the go-to knife for people across a wide range of ages and kitchen experience. I personally reach for the MKC Santoku Knife’s shorter, 7-inch length daily — because it’s just so handy, light, inviting, and friendly to use.



MAGNACUT Stainless Steel
As a cryogenically heat-treated stainless steel, MAGNACUT provides the perfect blend of toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. Unlike other stainless steel blades, MAGNACUT can be easily resharpened — even by novice knife owners. More wear-resistant than other stainless steels, and more corrosion-resistant than carbon steel, MAGNACUT is in a class of its own. Learn more about MAGNACUT Stainless Steel from the creator: Larrin Thomas.
Lightweight Ergonomic Handle
The Santoku knife scales feature the same versatile G-10 scales as all our flagship knives. A slightly slightly smaller handle than the Chef Knife, makes this comfortable and efficient for any precision cutting, no matter how demanding the job or size of group you’re feeding.
Versatile Blade Shape
Mareko designed the Santoku Knife’s tip to drop sharply down so owners can easily use it for fine chopping work or precision work like coring an apple. The wide blade also makes it perfect for scooping food off the cutting board.
Angled Heel & Knuckle Clearance
The spine of the MKC Santoku sweeps up, and the wide blade and angled heel provide plenty of hand and knuckle clearance between you and your cutting surface.
Free Sharpening For Life & Beyond:
Generations® is our promise to restore your knife to its original, unmatched working condition. MKC will clean, sharpen, repair, and even reshape your blades when necessary, as well as rewrapping handles free of charge. While we perform all necessary sharpening and maintenance, our aim is not to return your knife to its brand new appearance. Learn more about MKC Generations Promise.


Every Smith River Santoku Knife comes equipped with its own custom-molded Kydex sheath with a slip that covers the edge & tip of the blade and snaps on tight. This allows you to throw the knife in your hunting pack, keep it at basecamp or store it safely in your kitchen to protect the edge from other tools – and your fingers.  

  • Blade Steel: Magnacut Stainless Steel

  • Full Tang Construction

  • Handle Material: G-10

  • Sheath: Black Kydex Travel Sheath

  • Finish: Black Cerakote

  • Overall Length: 11 1/2”

  • Blade Length: 6 7/8”

  • Knife Weight: 7.28 oz

  • 100% Made in the USA

  • Hand Finished in Montana

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Kyle S.
Love the Santoku

Truly an amazing knife you'd expect from MKC. Very ergonomic and easy to get used to for detailed work, it quickly became my "go to" utility kitchen knife.

I'm super impressed

I've had a couple of their other hunting knifes and was already impressed with how they turned out. I was also looking at cooking knives at gun/knife shows but I've got to say compared to those. This knife blows them away. The quality is stunning and I hope I can keep this well enough to pass along to the next generation one day.

Excellent knife for the kitchen!

This knife is so sharp! I'll never be able to use another in the kitchen! The only thing I feel could be slightly improved is the handle. I have the chef blade as well and the handle is a bit longer. I have fairly small hands for a guy and could use a bit more length on the Smith River handle.

Keith L

Outstanding kitchen knife!!! It came incredibly sharp right out the box. Most of what I do for knife-work is cutting vegetables in the kitchen, and that is really where this style of knife shines.

Makenna Campbell